What is a mountain bike?
Our Specialty is Refurbished Bicycles
Our shop has always been a place where a wide variety of refurbished bicycles could be found. What is a refurbished bike?
When we buy a used bike it is torn apart. Completely. Then, each part from hub bearings to spoke nipples to cables is cleaned and inspected. If something needs to be
replaced, we replace it. If something needs to be rebuilt, we rebuild it. While this is going on the frame and fork is checked for damage, then is cleaned and polished- every
once in awhile we'll even do a restorative repaint (original color and decals) if we think it is worth doing. Some bikes, due to their rarity or originality are left untouched so the
new owner can decide it's future. In the end, there may be some battle scars remaining but everything that counts- everything that makes a bike fun to ride- has been
checked, repaired, or replaced.

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What is a kids sport bike?
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